New chocolates at Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff inspired chocolates

Earlier this week was invited to sample brand new chocolates, developed by DC’s own Co Co. Sala, and available exclusively at Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill just in time for Valentine’s day. Check out our write up and pics below!

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Man V. Food, Season 3 DVD Review

The Travel Channels big hit series “Man V. Food” continues to find the best food in America, while also doing a weekly eating challenge that you will either wish to try, or be completely disgusted that somebody would eat that much food.

Season Three finds Adam Richman sampling food from San Diego to Niagara Falls and Kansas City. Each location finds Adam challenging food for domination.

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Sixth and Rye Food Truck in DC

Chef Spike Mendelsohn
We’ve shown you his burgers, we’ve shown you his pizza, now Chef Spike Mendelsohn (from Top Chef Chicago) is bringing kosher food all over DC with the Sixth & Rye food truck. The first kosher truck in DC. Click below to check out the pics. Right now, the truck will operate for a few hours on Fridays by Sixth & I st. Stay tuned as they start getting out and about.
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Podcast: DC’s We, The Pizza opening gala

Watch in HD
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Essential Seven Fictional Drinks I Want to Try

Film and television often make up fictional drinks to help place a story into the future or another world. These drinks can sometimes be over the top by color or how they are created. The description of the drink can only give you an idea of what they taste like. Since none of these drinks exist we have to just imagine what they taste like. That is why this week I am listing the Essential Seven Fictional Drinks I Want to Try:

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Podcast: Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Cookbook

Check out our earlier Good Stuff Eatery podcast when we visited for the first time in Washington DC. If you’re interested in visiting their location, check out Good Stuff

and if you’re ready, you can head to book stores or to pick up Spike’s Good Stuff Cookbook.

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Podcast: PS7 in Chinatown (restaurant)

Amanda and Mr. Stinkhead visited PS7 during Washington DC’s restaurant week. This is a special week that features a sample of each restaurant’s menu for a special low price.
PS7's on Urbanspoon
If you liked this, check out our visit to Spike Mendelson’s Good Stuff Eatery (gourmet burgers) and Matchbox (Brick oven pizza) and how to make Cuban style burgers

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Podcast: Matchbox Pizza and Bistro DC

The girls from the Good Stuff Eatery podcast return to join me at Matchbox in Washington DC. Their pizza is delicious, and the company was lovely. Enjoy.
Matchbox on Urbanspoon

If you enjoy our food oriented podcasts, you may also dig:
Good Stuff Eatery podcast
How to Make Cuban Style Burgers
Guys Night Out – At Hooters

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MPb Podcast: How to Make Cuban Style Burger

In this video,‘s Lando da Pimp and I hung out last weekend and cooked up some Cuban Style Burgers. Check out our video. Our friends at sent us some Japanese BBQ kits to try out, so, we did. Then sent us Mustard Marvin, and Ketchup Charlie. These are perfect for sprucing up any BBQ you’re having, so we included them in the video too.

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Podcast: @ Good Stuff Eatery in DC

We are fans of foodie web site, so we went to their open house at (Top Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s) Good Stuff Eatery in DC this week. Check out our video podcast where the girls and I go try out some gourmet burgers, and definately swing to check out their food videos, challenges and recipes.

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