Custom Playmobil -NASA Orion Capsule

Splash Down!

My son and I were excited to hear about the new NASA Orion capsule. This is the vehicle our astronauts will be using in a few years to return safely from trips to Mars and the Moon! I recently picked up the Playmobil Rescue Raft (5545) from Toys R Us. I decided to mod it to look like the new capsule. Check out my pics below, including a link to download a set of decals to make your own Orion capsule!

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Free Nick Fury Action Figure

munickfury2 is proud to announce that new and renewing subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will receive an exclusive, all-new Hasbro Marvel Universe Nick Fury action figure! Inspired by his dramatic return in Secret Invasion, this all new figure features the kind of weaponry Fury needs to repel a Skrull invasion – or any other unlucky enemy crossing his path! Just sign up or renew a subscription and you can add Nick Fury to your collection of Marvel action figures!

To get your Nick Fury Action Figure:

  1. Visit
  2. Select and purchase a subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited™ from the drop down to the right. All subscribers get the hassle-free advantage of the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Automatic Renewal Program.
  3. Pay US $4.99 for shipping and handling ($6.99 Canadian). Write a check or money order to “Figure Redemption, Inc.”
  4. Fill out and mail the certificate. When you finish subscribing, you’ll receive a confirmation number and a printable certificate. Mail it to the address provided and include your check or money order for $4.99. Must be postmarked by 1/15/2010.

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