Civil War Poker Game

Attempt 3 - Candle light
Of all the historical time periods, I’ve always been the most fascinated with the American Civil War. I grew up close enough to Antietam and Gettysburg National Parks that my family visited often, and I felt the most connected to that moment in history because of those family trips. I recently rekindled my obsession with Civil War paraphernalia and decided to use this extended time at home to challenge myself to making an accurate studio photo suitable for framing and hanging in your game room. Read on for the research I did and the lighting process to get the perfect shot. …continue reading Civil War Poker Game

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Cool stuff from American legend JOHN GLENN

From the John Glen. Estate sale

I was lucky enough to visit the late John Glenn’s estate sale in Potomac, Maryland. They had a great selection of personal effects and ephemera from his life, as well as normal household goods that are now epic! because they belonged to astronaut John Glenn. Click below for a brief tour of what I got. The photos, of course, feature my high-end replica Neil Armstrong gloves. Because astronauts.

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