Monster Jam’s Matt Cody

Blue Thunder

We got to chat with the driver of Blue Lightning, and winner of DC’s 2017 Freestyle Contest, Matt Cody. Monster Jam is headed to the Capital One Arena in Washington DC this weekend with three bone rattling shows. We’re happy to cheer on Matt, as he hails from Williamsport, MD, just up the road from the Capital Beltway. In fact Cody first fell in love with Monster Jam because his parents and grandparents would take him to the nearby Hagerstown Speedway on his birthday to watch all the monster truck action. Click below for the interview.

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aka Spider-Man

Interview with Moe Alafrangy, bringing Spider-Man to life in the upcoming Marvel Universe Live coming to the Verizon Center in September.

We wanted to talk to Moe because he is a Northern Virginia native, but also because he’s Spider-Man, and it’s been awhile since we got to interview a super hero. Moe grew up in Falls Church and Alexandria, and went Annandale High School. As a kid, Moe loved Spider-Man and he wanted to be nimble and flexible like his hero. He got started in Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine, and completed his first black belt at age 14. Moe was drawn to Tae Kwan Do and the martial art tricking it features.

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Toy Fare Magazine

Pick up this months Toy Fare magazine and read an article written by our very own Mr. Stinkhead (Andy Jones). Mr. Stinkhead interviewed Tim Clarke, creator of both Sectaurs and Boglins, two of the oddball 80s toy lines! Tim shows off some rare early Boglin and Sectaur art, plus some never-produced Dark Crystal toy prototypes.

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Mr. Stinkhead interviewed on the radio

On Saturday September 19th, I was on Micheal Finney’s Consumer Talk on KGO 810 AM. We discussed my free downloadable Wallet Cards that contain the actual text from Visa and Mastercard’s Purchase Agreements stating that it is against their rules to require a minimum purchase. You can either listen to the 5:00 hour of his show in its entirety here. (The first part contains Andrew Martin, a writer for the New York Times discussing overdraft fees on debit cards. I am at 31:00 mark.) or click below to listen to just my bit. …continue reading Mr. Stinkhead interviewed on the radio

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Podcast: Interview with Vince DiFiore from Cake

You can now subscribe to this podcast through iTunes! Click here to launch our page and pick out episodes. Subscription is free. Stay iTuned for more details.

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Interview with Wil Wheaton

wil How did you first get your start in acting?

Wil Wheaton: It runs in my family, all the way back to when the Wheatons were pig-chasing potato-chuckers back in Scotland, in the year 9 [Ed note: ??]. In a more direct way, it’s my mom’s fault. She was doing commercials when I was a kid, and took me with her on an audition. They were casting for mothers and sons, so they asked me if I would try out. I was 7, and far too agreeable to everything, so I said yes, got the job, and never looked back. Not even when that train was chasing me.

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