The Star Trek I Want to See!

What if JJ Abrams had directed a Star Trek movie using the real original cast. YouTube member Sopmyio has taken the audio from the new Star Trek movie trailer and synced it up with footage from the Star Trek: The Original Series. This movie looks so much more interesting to me as a fan. What do you think?

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New Star Trek Featurette

MTV has a featurette on the upcoming Star Trek movie. I really want to be excited about this film, but as a hardcore Trekkie I feel the film is not meant for me. Will the public embrace this retooled Star Trek? What do you think?

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First Look: Playmates Star Trek Action Figures


Playmates released and early look at the J. J. Abrams Star Trek film action figures from Playmates. The new line hits stores starting April 19,  that will be available in 3¾-inch ($7), 6-inch ($9-$10) and 12-inch ($30) sizes. They are also producing a figure of the Leonard Nimoy Spock. The Enterprise Bridge and Transporter Room playsets will also be available.

The Star Trek line is returning to Playmates. My initial thoughts?  This isn’t a terrible decision for collectors, but a great decision to get these figures into a broader market.  I couldn’t imagine topping the figures from Diamond Select Toys. Seeing this first image I’m not surprised they look like the Star Trek line of the 90’s.

I’m not sure how I feel about revamping Star Trek to begin with. Here is hoping that the film will allow Star Trek to return to television.

USA Today has a nice look at all of the new Star Trek toys. Check out the exclusive pictures.

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