Unboxing Mars Attacks Uprising

I backed the Mars Attacks Uprising kickstarter by SideKick Lab. I also picked up the exclusive Garbage Pail Kids add-on pack. The campaign is done, but there are a limited number of packs available here. Check out this video for the full unboxing. And if you want, here are the vintage articles looking at the Hot Toys Martian Ambassador and Soldier

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Boglins are back

Boglins are back, baby! I was a huge fan of the rubbery monstrous Boblin puppets in middle school in the 80s. I saved up my money for weeks to afford a Bog-O-Bones. (That’s my original Bog-O-Bones in the photos below, that I kept safe all of these years). But here we are, 30 years later, and Boglins have gotten a new opportunity to creep into your houses and wreak a little mischief, thanks to a super successful Kickstarter campaign with TriAction Toys. Click below for more details and tons of pics. …continue reading Boglins are back

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