Mad Men Theme Cover

Bass Player Adam Ben Ezra performs a cover of “A Beautiful Mine” (The Mad Men theme.

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Mad Men Barbie

A few weeks ago I made an Essential Seven Female Action Figure Wishlist. On the the list I included the character of Joan Holloway. Well, now Mattel is taking it one step closer with a Barbie doll of the Mad Men characters.  The initial run will include (left to right) Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, Don Draper and Betty Draper. The dolls run is limited to 10,000 each, and will only be available on the Barbie Collector site. No word on the inclusion of cigarette and martini accessories.

I’m sad though that the Joan Holloway doesn’t do Christina Hendricks amazing body justice. For years people have bitched about how “real” women don’t have a Barbie figure. They finally have a woman who does and they fail to give her the breasts the doll deserves. I’m not the only one who have noticed this.

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Sesame Street Mad Men

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