Essential Seven Famous Homes

Last week the Home Alone (I would love to buy it) house went up for sale. That got me thinking about what it must be like to live in a house that was a location of a feature movie or TV. What is it like to have people standing on the street photographing your home? People love visiting these places. For some films or TV shows everybody can instantly recognize the exterior of a famous house. So what are some of the most famous homes? That’s what this weeks Essential Seven Famous Homes is about:

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Home Alone House For Sale

Last week the Home Alone house was put up for sale. Coldwell Banker posted a video of the home featuring the interiors.

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Ghostbusters Then & Now

The website Scouting New York put together a great two-part feature showing how the locations of Ghostbusters look now.

Today marks the first installment of “New York, You’ve Changed,” a new Scouting NY series in which the New York featured in movies is compared with the city of today. This is not meant to be the usual list of shooting locations and addresses to visit next time you tour the city. Instead, this is a full shot-by-shot dissection to see what New York once was and what it has become, for better or worse. I’ve tried to recreate the angles and framing as best as possible, and have presented the shots (more or less) in the order they appear in the film. Enjoy!

It’s really interesting to see how certain parts of buildings change, and other buildings still look exactly the same.

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