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Pick up this months Toy Fare magazine and read an article written by our very own Mr. Stinkhead (Andy Jones). Mr. Stinkhead interviewed Tim Clarke, creator of both Sectaurs and Boglins, two of the oddball 80s toy lines! Tim shows off some rare early Boglin and Sectaur art, plus some never-produced Dark Crystal toy prototypes.

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Toy Fair ’09 Wrap Up: This Year in Playmobil

My favorite booth, and often my very first Toy Fair appointment is at the Playmobil booth. I am a huge playmobil collector, and getting to see all the new stuff in person is my biggest thrill, plus the life-sized display figures are nice… we all joke but it’s true, after Playmobil’s appointment, I could probably go home. I’m spent.

The folks at playmobil were pretty glad to see me. I can’t take all the credit for their rising sales this past year, however I’ve been spreading the good word that playmobil is made in Germany, not China, for years, and now it’s paying off in droves. This year there are more than 80 new products. It can be a bit overwhelming, but check out our favorite themes.

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Mr. Stinkhead’s son smashes city

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