Ray Day!

Ray Ghostbuster Figure

Starting now you can order the Ray Stantz 6″ Ghostbuster Figure. That is if you can get on the site.

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Ray Stantz 12″ Figure Review posted a full review of the 12″ Ghostbuster Ray Stantz figure. Their reaction was very positive:

“The thing that was most striking was as I opened the figure, was everything that I thought to myself “I wonder if …..?.” the answer always came back “yes.” The Mattel team put a lot of effort and thought into their latest dip into the 12″ figure pool. Now I’m excited not only for the continuation of this line, but also Superman the Move 12″ and whatever they have up their sleeves after that.”

You can read the full review here

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Ghostbusters Ray Stantz


Our friends over at has some great new shots of the MattyCollector 12″ Ray Stantz Ghostbuster figure. My first reaction was the amazing details put into the figure. Check out for more photos!

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