Podcast: Airhogs Hypertrax vs Hyper Actives 5

The all terrain Air Hogs Hypertrax battles out against the flippable Hyper Actives 5, watch our video to see which ones our testers preferred.

The Hypertrax features all-terrain treads to get over almost any obstacle, and a slim enough body that if it ends up upside-down, it can keep going. For young, inexperienced RC drivers, this car is perfect for just zipping around and getting used to steering. I like that the remote and charger are self-contained, however I have found that because the AA batteries are charging the car and the remote, it drains quickly. It takes a little over 20 minutes to charge up the vehicle, and then it drives for about 10 minutes.

The Hyper Actives 5 features a motorized wheel on top, assisting in any flip-overs. It has a bit more power (and it’s own AA powersource) so it’s going to win races, but it works best on asphalt or other smooth surfaces, it got a little hung up in the grass.

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MPb Podcast: RC John Deere ATV Gator

I got to check out the remote control John Deere Gator XUV. It’s got a great size, and it’s squishy wheels provide great cushion when jumping off of curbs and such. It handles pavement, grass, dirt, woodchips, rocks, pretty well. In the second half of the video, I strap on the ATC3K Helmet Cam for some rugged behind the wheel action.

It’s available exclusively at John Deere dealerships, and a few places online. Though it’s just under $90, it does come with a rechargeable battery pack. We got almost 40 minutes of driving time with the 4 hour charge. Check out the official Ertl website for more info.

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