Playmobil Africa Playsets

This review looks at the Wildlife Water Hole (4827), Zebra & Buffalo (4828), Hyenas (4829), Lion Pride (4830), Ostrich Nest (4831)

I was very excited to see Playmobil’s African Theme at Toy Fair this past February, as you may know, I recently won a trip to South Africa, and took tons of pics and video. I won the video contest by running away from playmobil animals via green screen. So to see playmobil re-addressing their African line was pretty thrilling. The centerpiece of this revamped theme is the African Watering Hole, comprised of several sets that fit together. Check out all of my pics and review below.
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Mr. Stinkhead is going on African Safari

This is for real. DC101 had a contest to win an African Safari. All you had to do was make a two minute video explaining why you should be chosen, and I was picked! (was it because I used playmobil?)

Here is my video entry that won! (there was one other winner)

I’ll show you some pics and video when I get back, I leave in a few short days!

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