Stinkhead reflects on the last eight years

There it is, the Apple. The city so nice, they named it twice.
We launched back on 03.03.03. In the last eight years we’ve thrown big parties, interviewed celebrities, given away a ton of prizes, launched a mobile site, a blog for Dads, gone to Toy Fair, and of course bought a lot of toys. I asked our writers to come up with something from the last eight years in which to share to commemorate our eighth year. Check out mine below. But I also love our readers. Please leave a comment on my reflection, or any of our writers’ posts. And here’s to many more years ripping open the package and deeply inhaling that new toy smell.
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Toy Fare Magazine

Pick up this months Toy Fare magazine and read an article written by our very own Mr. Stinkhead (Andy Jones). Mr. Stinkhead interviewed Tim Clarke, creator of both Sectaurs and Boglins, two of the oddball 80s toy lines! Tim shows off some rare early Boglin and Sectaur art, plus some never-produced Dark Crystal toy prototypes.

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