Essential Seven Star Trek Music Scores

The music of a TV or Film project can make or break a film. If done right, the music can be just as memorable as the visuals of the film. The theme should invoke the feeling you have watching the film. Occasionally, a score can be better than the film. One example of this is the music for Transformers 2. From John Williams to Danny Elfman to Howard Shore, these composers pay an important role in the film-making process. One of our favorite composers is the late Jerry Goldsmith. He is probably best known for his work in the Star Trek films. However, other composers were also influential in writing music for the franchise. That is why this list focuses on the Essential Seven Star Trek Music Scores:

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Star Trek Makes $72.5 Million

Box Office Mojo is reporting that Star Trek made $72.5 Million:

Seeking out new life for the series, Star Trek commanded a stellar estimated $72.5 million on approximately 7,400 screens at 3,849 sites over the weekend (plus an estimated $4 million from Thursday night previews). Paramount Pictures’ Star Wars-like treatment of Gene Roddenberry’s science fiction franchise resulted in the biggest Trek opening yet, soaring past the previous high of Star Trek: First Contact, which started at $30.7 million or the equivalent of over $50 million adjusted for ticket price inflation.

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