Essential Seven Reasons I Hate Kevin Arnold

I recently began re-watching episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix. (Note: The music changes are hard to accept) I haven’t watched the show since it first aired, so I was surprised by my reaction after a few episodes. Kevin Arnold is a manipulative, dishonest, and evil douchebag that I despise.

Yes, I realize that Kevin is just a teenager, and all teenagers are dicks. Everybody grows up, matures, and regrets things they did growing up, and I should just accept that fact that he is learning from his mistakes.  Kevin as an adult is the narrator to the show. He has the greatest memory of anybody that I ever met. While he reminisces about his childhood, I really see the narrator as a way to explain and provide valid reasons as to why he was such a terrible person. Just like the older wiser Kevin Arnold reflects back on his life, I reflect on the Essential Seven Reasons I Hate Kevin Arnold.

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Essential Seven Greatest Cosby Show Episodes

Recently the entire series of The Cosby Story debuted on Netflix, and I have been reliving all of my favorite episodes. Ask anybody what their favorite episode was, and you will probably get multiple answers. Some enjoyed when the episodes where Bill Cosby would interact with Rudy and her friends. Others enjoyed the episodes that featured Dr. Huxtable and Theo discussing life. I always loved the food episodes. Dr. Huxtable’s love of hoagies (with apple juice!) is something that I can easily relate too. No matter what you loved about the show, there will always be a debate of what were the best episodes. If your scratching your brain on what episodes were the best here are the Essential Seven Greatest Cosby Show Episodes:

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Essential Seven Doctors from Doctor Who

On April 3, the new, new series of Doctor Who will debut with a new show runner, new writers, new companions, and a new Doctor, played by Matt Smith. Even though the Tenth Doctor didn’t want to go, he regenerated after saving the Earth from his own people in “The End of Time.” And, now, the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, with his bow tie and floppy hair, will step inside the Tardis. The concept of regeneration has kept the show fresh and exciting for nearly fifty years. While not all of the actors to portray the Time Lord from Gallifrey have had the best material (or costume, in poor Colin Baker’s case), they were all amazing actors who brought something new to the role. So, to celebrate yet another new incarnation of the Doctor, we’re counting down the essential seven Doctors from Doctor Who.

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Essential Seven Least Respected TV Characters

Winnie Cooper

Every successful show has a character gets no respect. This could be because of the writing, a new addition to the cast, or a bad actor. For example. On the Wonder Years, I never had any respect for Winnie Cooper. I just couldn’t understand why Kevin Arnold would ever want her, when he could have Madeline! She was annoying, and never gave Kevin any love. You can call it hating the character, but you can’t respect somebody you hate. So here is the Essential Seven Least Respected TV Characters:

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Essential Seven Disturbing Neighborhood of Make Believe Characters


Watching Mr. Rogers as an adult is a different experience than watching the show as a child. You begin to notice weird and strange things from the show. For instance, why do the human characters pretend to ride in Trolley, when they just walk beside it? How many rooms does the museum-go-round actually have? Why do I find the puppet of Queen Sarah kinda hot?

The characters created by Fred Rogers are the most interesting aspect of the show. Most of the characters are normal. Henrietta Pussycat was the jealous character. Daniel Stripèd Tiger was shy. However, some of the characters were just disturbing. Their behavior on the show was abnormal, and I’m not really sure what they brought to the show. That is why this week we have identified the Essential Seven Disturbing Neighborhood of Make Believe Characters.

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Essential Seven Princess Leia TV Moments

Princess Leia in Slave Girl Outfit

What does it say about a woman who wears her hair in cinnamon buns? Princess Leia’s fashion choices have always been a topic of discussion. Particularly the wardrobe of the gold metal bikini sometimes referred to as the “slave girl” look! For many of us that is the “moment when she stopped being a princess and became, you know, a woman!” Both of these looks have become a fixture in pop culture. So much that the “Princess Leia Look” has been inspired writers to include the look into various TV shows. So here are the Essential Seven TV Princess Leia Moments:

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Battlestar Galactica Series Finale, What Did You Think?


The show is over. Everything was basically wrapped up, with the exception of what Kara was!  Here are my thoughts. There were things that I expected to happen like the death of Roslin, Tyrol discovering that Tory killed Cally, and Boomer’s repentance. I was not expecting that they would discover Earth that eventually evolves into us.  The final montage of robots was the perfect ending.

So what did you think?

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Andy Richter Controls the Universe

I feel bad for Andy Richter. Since leaving the Conan O’Brien show he has not seen the success that he hoped for. Three failed series really left him no choice, but to return as Conan’s sidekick for the Tonight Show. His first series (and easily the best of the three) was Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The show ran for two seasons, and canceled due to poor ratings.

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Dave’s World, Season 2

Dave’s World was a show that I completely forgotten about.  I remember when it was on, but it was always one of those take it or leave it shows for me. Which was strange especially because I loved Harry Anderson in Night Court.

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Spin City, Season 1

In a world of constantly changing tastes and preferences, some things prove themselves to be timeless. Favorite books, classic movies, even the occasional sitcom. Such is the case with Spin City.

Michael J. Fox plays Mike Flaherty, deputy mayor of New York City. His job consists largely of turning the Mayor’s occasional gaffes into less volatile opportunities for reproach– hence the title. His staff consists of actors Alan Ruck, Connie Britton, Alexander Chaplin and Michael Boatman. His dedicated staff serve at the pleasure of the mayor, one Barry Bostwick.

The show’s writing is quite sharp. I’ll admit, the first few episodes are a bit rough around the edges– writers getting acclimated to the cast, the cast taking time to fuse together as an ensemble. Once they find their footing however, the rest of the season proves to be a classic.

Fox begins the show with a long-term girlfriend, a reporter played by the timeless beauty Carla Gugino. Their chemistry (and conflict of professional interests) provide much of the meat for the season’s first half Gugino left the show prematurely for a number of reasons; one of which was to allow Fox’s character Flaherty to date a variety of guest stars– allowing the show to stay more fresh. I personally think she could have stayed on longer, but the realistic portrayal of Flaherty losing a great love of his life was satisfyingly genuine.

The show’s teamwork both in comedy and in politics runs with the precision of a swiss watch. One liners, rejoinders and even the occasional bit of slapstick are delivered with style. Special mention should be made of veteran character Richard Kind, who played the press secretary. His work is nothing short of comedy gold. The man’s talent for self-deprecating goofiness is worth the price of admission alone.

For a sitcom, the show took many gambles that paid off handsomely: Michael Boatman plays a gay man in a lead role long before Will & Grace ever aired. The show also touched on delicate subjects such as inner city drug use and the scandal of extra-marital affairs in the mayor’s office.

Also worth note is the star-studded collection of guest appearances. Actors and actresses who would later outshine the entire cast (excepting Fox) sharpened their chops with small but satisfying roles on Spin City: Gretchen Mol, Jennifer Garner and the ever-smug Stephen Colbert can all be found in blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em cameos, along with several more.

The first season DVD features interviews with the whole cast as well as running commentary for the season’s best episodes. At 12 years since its premiere, Spin City proves its comedic potential is very well preserved and worth your taking a look. I highly recommend you pick it up

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