LEGO – Harry Potter The Burrow (4840)


How great is it that LEGO has brought back the Harry Potter line? We haven’t seen any new Potters sets since the Hogwarts castle back in 2007. I was even told that LEGO was hesitant to release new sets based on the latest films because of how dark they are. Looks like they got past that. The relaunch of the Potter sets include some redesigns of previously released sets along with some new sets that fans have been asking for. LEGO has been doing something similar with the Star Wars line.

My first new review is forĀ The Burrow (4840). The burrow set is based on the scene from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince film where Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix Lestrange, and other Death Eaters set the Weasley Burrow on fire.

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