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From the Onion: Michael Bay Signs $50M Deal To Fuck Up ‘ThunderCats’

The Onion published a funny article announcing that Michael Bay signed a $50 million deal to “monumentally fuck up” a ThunderCats movie. The sad part is that, this could well happen one day, and we all know that Michael Bay would fuck it up! In article the Onion quotes Bay as saying “I couldn’t be more excited to completely fuck this up.” I love this story. Not only because they poke fun at Michael Bay, but because I get to use my favorite tag “Michael Bay Makes Bad Movies.” Here is an excerpt from the article:

LOS ANGELES—In the largest deal ever made to shit out a movie, Warner Bros. and director Michael Bay announced a landmark $50 million agreement this week to monumentally fuck up ThunderCats.

“I couldn’t be more excited to completely fuck this up,” said Bay, who plans to begin production on destroying the live-action adaptation next month. “ThunderCats has a great story, endearing characters, action, adventure, space-travel, and fantasy. It will be an honor to run it into the ground.”

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