Essential Seven Wesley Crusher Fails

Wesley Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation receives a lot of hate from Trekkies.  Maybe it was the fact that he was a kid piloting a galaxy class starship.

I could also argue that the writers didn’t care for the character either. On the show Wesley was often the cause of a lot of problems and agitation for Captain Picard. He did sit in his chair! Wil Wheaton who portrayed the young ensign has embraced the backlash. As he should. Wil Wheaton was only playing a role. It was not his fault that a person hated his character.

I always enjoyed the character of Wesley. I was never annoyed with him as much as other fans were. He was just was given a raw deal, a lot! I think like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory I identified with Mr. Crusher being about the same age. I cheered for Wesley when he made out with Ashley Judd. However, from time to time the character screwed up. That is why this weeks list is The Essential Seven Wesley Crusher FAILS!

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