Essential Seven Movie Gods

Gods or Deities, have always played a part in movie culture (oh and books!). Whether you believe in a God or not, the concept of a being that is worshipped is depicted in many different forms. Some depictions are of the Christian GOD. Other’s are supernatural or just objects. Of course you can’t overlook the fact that some don’t believe in anything. I’m not here to judge! Obviously religion is a touchy subject. Not everybody will enjoy this list.  Trying to stay away from a religious discussion, here are the Essential Seven Movie Gods:

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Thor: Tales of Asgard DVD Review

I was excited when the long delayed Thor: Tales of Asgard Blu-Ray arrived at my door. It was especially cool because I was going to see the new Thor movie this weekend (By the way the film is awesome). I only know of Thor from the Avengers, and his brother Loki always played a big part of it. I was hoping that Tales of Asgard would help provide some knowledge of Thor’s backstory. It did, but that was about all it did.

The first clip of Tales of Asgard was released last February. The “geek buzz” was particularly strong on this and it is finally making its long-delayed release on Blu-ray.

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Sit, Avengers, Sit! Good Dawgs!

Holy Crap, the Avengers is actually happening with Joss Whedon. I’m so excited that Joss is getting the respect he deserves. Filming began this week, and we have the first official photo from the set. None of the actors are in the photo, but we get a look at what I assume is the Avengers headquarters.

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Toy Fair 11 – Hasbro Collectibles

Click below for the pics from the Hasbro Showroom including all new Transformers, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, GI Joe and Star Wars. Video coming soon. What’s your must-have?

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Iron Man 3 Wraps Up Marvel Films

Jon Favreau revealed that Iron Man 3 will be the closing chapter to all of the Marvel movies. This includes The Avengers, Captain America and Thor. The film has a tentative release date of May 3, 2013.

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Thor Comic Con Footage

Trailer Addict managed to get a copy of the Thor footage shown at Comic Con. Watch it while you can!

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Joss’s Avengers!

This weekend the cast of the Avengers film was together on stage at Comic Con. Joss Whedon will be directing and I can’t wait to see his take on one of my favorite comic books! The cast L to R Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man); Clark Gregg (SHIELD Agent Coulson); Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow); Chris Hemsworth (Thor); Chris Evans (Captain America); Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury); Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye); Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk); Joss Whedon; and Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige.

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The Definitve Marvel Figures

All right, this is a post listing all characters with multiple versions, and saying which one is definitive. This is open to discussion and will be modified along the way. Shall we start? …continue reading The Definitve Marvel Figures

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