The 17 Least Appropriate Playmobil Sets for Children is a big fan of Playmobil. Over at Topless Robot the daily list today is The 17 Least Appropriate Playmobil Sets for Children. The list does a good job of covering all the unexpected sets that would be created for children. I disagree though that they are inappropriate for children. I think kids need to learn about hazmat teams, toilets, and how much it sucks to go through airport security.

Check out Topless Robots – The 17 Least Appropriate Playmobil Sets for Children

We wrote a similar list with our Essential Seven Offbeat Playmobil Sets.

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Topless Robot’s Transformers 2 FAQ


Topless Robot has a great two page FAQ about the new Transformers 2. Check it out. They provide an outline as to why the new Transformers movie makes no sense. Bravo!! Of course with this post I get to use my favorite tag Michael Bay Makes Bad Movies!

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Greatest Lightsaber Fight Ever!

I saw this over on Topless Robot today. I don’t intentionally post duplicate content from other sites, but I found this to be to good not to post. It sounds like the guy who runs the site is having a bad day. If you have never checked out Topless Robot you should. If you do leave a comment.

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