MOTU Studio Photography

Ever since we’ve had so much time on our hands, I’ve re-arranged my basement to beef up my studio. I’m starting getting into the swing of things with my vintage Masters of the Universe toys. I have tons of pics to share, and some photo tips along the way.
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Grayskull Restoration Project: Elevator Rail


For Christmas this past year I received a vintage 80s Castle Grayskull. This was one of the very top items from my childhood that all my other friends had and I did not. Apparently it was gained for $35 at a comic book shop on Black Friday (20% discount was in full effect).
I’ve decided to start restoring it the best I can, using non-traditional methods when appropriate. Follow along as I restore this Grayskull to its full glory. In this article, I 3D printed the elevator rail. …continue reading Grayskull Restoration Project: Elevator Rail

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Marvel Universe Live!

Red Skull and Capt America face off

I took the family to witness Marvel Universe Live at the Verizon Center on Sunday afternoon, and it was epic! The comic pages come to life as your favorite Marvel heroes battle it out with special effects and lots of action. I’m a fan of Feld productions, such as Ringling Bros Circus, Disney on Ice, and of course Monster Jam. But this event was unlike anything I’d ever seen. If you have a kid, or any fan of the Marvel Universe, you need to experience it like this.

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aka Spider-Man

Interview with Moe Alafrangy, bringing Spider-Man to life in the upcoming Marvel Universe Live coming to the Verizon Center in September.

We wanted to talk to Moe because he is a Northern Virginia native, but also because he’s Spider-Man, and it’s been awhile since we got to interview a super hero. Moe grew up in Falls Church and Alexandria, and went Annandale High School. As a kid, Moe loved Spider-Man and he wanted to be nimble and flexible like his hero. He got started in Tae Kwon Do at the age of nine, and completed his first black belt at age 14. Moe was drawn to Tae Kwan Do and the martial art tricking it features.

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