Two Wizards and A Wand

The final poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 has been released. It features Harry and Voldermort holding the Elder wand. Now this is how a movie poster is done! I’m a bit sad that it will all end in a few months.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie Trailer

My initial reaction was this looks fantastic! It’s epic. After a few more viewing I now have some concerns. The fight between Harry and Voldermort feels different from the book. Perhaps they extended the fight to include more action. Nothing wrong with that. What are your thoughts?

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Essential Seven Bad Harry Potter Film Differences From the Books

Harry Potter Books vs. Film

The biggest complaint that most Harry Potter fans have with the Harry Potter films is how they reduce scenes, concepts, and characters for a smoother transition from page to screen. The early Chris Columbus Potter films included “everything but the kitchen sink” creating a more faithful approach to the books. Starting with Alfonso Cuarón’s Prisoner of Azkaban, the films took on a more stylized approach. What ever approach you prefer, every Potter fan has complained about a scene from the book or character did not make the film.

I’m not against the more stylized approach. In fact I think the later films work much better. There are however, a few things that were changed or cut that I think were big mistakes.  Here is a list of the Essential Seven BAD Harry Potter Film Differences From the Books.

(NOTE:. this list does not include anything from the Half-Blood Prince)

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