Construction Toys Based on the Universe of DC Comics Super Heroes Slated for 2012

Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) with DC Entertainment (DCE) and The LEGO Group announced today the extension of their successful partnership to translate some of the world’s most popular DC Comics Super Heroes into the world of LEGO® build-and-play adventures with LEGO DC Universe SUPER HEROES. The multi-year licensing agreement grants the world leader in high quality construction toys access to the entire library of DC Comics characters and stories to inspire LEGO building fun. Construction sets, minifigures and buildable characters and creatures inspired by the universe of DC Comics are slated to launch in January 2012.

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Behind the Deathly Hallows

Warner Bros. has released the first behind the scenes featurette for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1. It provides some good footage from the film and for you Emma fans the already infamous red dress!

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Warner Bros New 3D Looney Toons Short Film “Coyote Falls”

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Superman Returns The Directors Cut?

I was sent this link by some fanatic fans of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns film. They are hoping to petition Warner Bros. to release a directors cut of the film. I’m all for this! I loved that film, and all the love Singer showed the original Superman films. I say bring it on. A directors cut may be what is needed to make people realize that Superman Returns was great!

You can show your support at

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Double Dipping!!!! The Watchmen Ultimate Edition

The Watchmen Ultimate Edition

So you probably just recently picked up The Watchmen on DVD. Well Warner Bros. has decided to steal your wallet, and released the Ultimate Edition of the film.

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The Siegel Family Will Have Control of Superman in 2013


I have been following this story for the past year, and it appears that some big key decisions have been made regarding the Superman copyright. A Federal judge has decided that the heirs of Jerome Siegel are entitled to a share in the US copyright to the Superman character. This includes the Superman character and costume, the characters of Clark Kent & Lois Lane (including their relationship), and the Daily Planet.

For years Warner Bros. and DC have owed the Siegel family residuals for the Superman franchise. Now Warner Bros. is going to lose the ownership of the Man of Steel in 2013. Another movie or television studio could acquire the rights after that date. If Warner Bros. wants to produce a new Superman film, they need to have it out by 2013.

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SDCC Highlights!


Sadly we didn’t make it to Comic Con this year, so we have no coverage. It seems this wasn’t the best year in terms of news or exclusives. However, I looked around the web and found some of the best highlights:

Hasbro wants to know if they should make the Darth Vader Funeral Pyre. I say yes (via ActionFigureInsider)

The James Cameron Avatar panel is online with no film footage (via GeeksofDoom)

You can watch the entire Mattel / DC Comics Heroic Partnership (via ActionFigureInsider)

Rumors are being spread that Warner Bros. is getting fans reaction to a Superman suit for Smallville (via TV Squad)

Footage from Tron Legacy premiered

Mattel unleashed Master’s of the Universe Goodness (via ToplessRobot)

Want to see the Green Hornet Car? (via ComingSoon)

Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2 looks amazingly cool

Really good responses to Iron Man 2 Footage (via Ain’tItCoolNews)

A trailer for the Star Wars: Unleashed Sith Edition was shown at the Star Wars Panel.

Mattel will be producing a General Zod Figure (via CoolToyReview)

You can now see Star Wars in concert! (via StarWars)

The Simpsons were awarded Guiness World Record for Longest Running Sitcom (/film)

Kevin Smith may have to get rid of Dicks (via ComingSoon)

Anime Iron Man Trailer looks awesome!

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