Our Watchmen Review

Our own Tuxxer finally made it to see Watchmen last night. Here is his phone message to Mr. Stinkhead, saying how he feels. (This is an audio recording, and may be difficult to hear in a few places)

Slashfilm is reporting that the box office for Watchmen is down 71% from last weekend. Most of us haven’t seen the film. Not that we aren’t curious. I have heard a lot of people disturbed by Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis.

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Watchmen Cartoon

Great video imagining Watchmen as an 80’s  Saturday Morning Cartoon.

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Toy Fair ’09 DC Direct

View the Toy Fair ’09 DC Direct Image Gallery

Terminator: Salvation is one of the first few sites to post mages of the new DC Direct Terminator: Salvation Photos. While we were there they were given the go ahead for us to snap a few pictures.

You can view more of the images here

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