Thank You to the Cast & Crew of Salute Your Shorts


As I wrap up Salute Your Shorts week, I want to thank the cast and crew who were a part of Salute Your Shorts. I’m sure I speak for all the fans, when I say that the show was a highlight of our childhood. Eighteen years later, people still remember the show fondly. To Danny Cooksey, Heidi Lucas, Megan Berwick, Michael Ray Bower, Trevor Eyster, Venus DeMilo, Erik MacArthur, Blake Soper, Kirk Bailey, and Steve Slavkin thanks for being part of the show that made us laugh. We at would also like to give a special thank you to Trevor Eyster for granting us the interview that allowed us to celebrate Salute Your Short this week. Here are links to all of the articles from this week. Please feel free to share these with your friends.

I Am Sponge! An interview with Trevor Eyster
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Dr. Kahns Camper of the Day
Monday – Bobby Budnick
Tuesday – Dina Alexander
Wednesday – Sponge Harris
Thursday – Z.Z. Ziff
Friday – Donkeylips

Where Are They Now
Venus Demilo
Michael Ray Bower
Blake Soper
Danny Cooksey
Heidi Lucas & Megan Berwick

Essential Seven Salute Your Shorts Moments
Salute Your Shorts FAQ
Salute Your Shorts Week Begins
The Great Salute Your Shorts Debate: Michael vs. Pinksy
Salute Your Shorts Behind the Scenes Slideshow
Meet Joe Struss Creator of
Salute Your Shorts Gag Reel
Your Salute Your Shorts Memories
The Nostalgia Critic – Nickcoms
Vote for Your Favorite Character
Venus Demilo Thomas Interview
Dinner with Raphael
The XYZ Affair – All My Friends Video
Friends Inspired Opening

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