The Four Best Poker Players from the Silver Screen

Card tricks and tips from fictional characters

With the glitz, glamour and money surrounding the poker industry, it’s not surprising to see this card game became an inspiration to several films throughout the decade. These flicks gave birth to some of the popular fictional players that we have learned to love and to adore. While their advices are true, if you intend on playing any card game online, you should always get to know the casino before (usually by looking for reviews, such as this detailed Platinum Play review by Reef for example). Having said that,”Below is a list of the poker players that appeared on the silver screen along with some playing tips that we learned from them:

1. Bret Maverick, Maverick

Maverick, (portrayed by Mel Gibson), is a tough character who wants to be recognized as the best player in the Wild West. He believed that if you want to succeed in this field you need to have a strong self-confidence. This is also what professional player Jacob Bazeley, said in an interview in Card Player. However, we warn newbies NOT to imitate Mel Gibson’s slow-rolling because it is considered unethical in real tournaments to make your opponents wait for a long time before you drop any hand.

2. James Bond, Casino Royale

The suave and sophisticated Agent 007 taught players the art of being composed. True professional players know how to keep their composure at the table whether they have the winning hand or not, as it makes their opponents confused. This was the same style that brought Jaime Gold to success in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2006 where he won $12,000,000 making him the biggest winner in history.

3. Richie Furst, Runner Runner

This fictional character best represents the qualities of what a modern online player looks like. According to the Top 10 Attributes of a Winning Poker Player, great players have exceptional math skills and are determined to win even when they have already failed so many times. In this flick, Furst is a whiz kid who uses his great knowledge of probability and analytics in climbing his way in the online poker ranks. And even when he was cheated by his opponent in one of his matches, he didn’t give up and even went far to expose the mastermind of that scheme.

4. Worm, Rounders

Worm shows what happens when players don’t keep track of their winnings or losses. Card games require you to deal with money in every tournament so it’s important that you record these details properly. In the same article from PP, tracking your wins and lose is as simple as writing down how much you’ve won or lost on a given day so that you know where you are over time, or as complex as also including factors like hours played, time of the day, games and opponents, statistics garnered from the site and what kind of mood you were in.

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