The Good Parts: Austin Powers Goldmember


It’s time once again, where I watch a bad movie in the search for something good.  Up next,  Austin Powers: Goldmember. This was the third Austin Powers film in the franchise. It was a huge financial success! It was also a huge failure as a comedy! So what went wrong? As fans we started to realize that Mike Myers never really writes new jokes for sequels. He just recycles jokes from the previous films. Of course the biggest reason the film sucked was it was way over the top. A lot of the jokes relied on (at the time) current pop-culture. Relevant at the time ,some jokes will only be funny in 2002.  Seven years later the film doesn’t stand the test of time. But let’s all forget about what sucks and focus on the Good Parts:


The Title Goldmember
The first good thing about the film is the title. Goldmember was a brilliant take off of the James Bond film Goldfinger. MGM brought legal action attempting to stop Meyers from using the title. For a time it looked like Meyers was not going to be allowed to use the name. Luckily for us the parody laws allowed the use of the title. Too bad that the character Goldmember, wasn’t as funny.


Tom Cruise Cameo
Goldmember opened with Steven Spielberg directing an Austin Powers bio-pic called Austinpussy. Tom Cruise played Austin Powers in the film within the film. This was before Cruise showed his crazy side.  I think Tom is best in comedies. Look at how great he was in Tropic Thunder! Just don’t start a discussion with him on psychology!


Kevin Spacey and Danny Devitio
As funny as the Tom Cruise cameo was, I laughed even harder at Kevin Spacey portraying Dr. Evil. Standing next to him was Danny Devito as the gun wielding Mini-Me.


Fred Savage as “The Mole”
Fred Savage or as I like to remember him “Kevin Arnold”, made a surprise appearance as the undercover British Intelligent agent. He managed to infiltrate Dr. Evil’s organization and was given the title “Number Three.”  Upon meeting Fred Savage’s character, Austin mocks him for his large hairy facial mole. This of course was a recycled joke from Wayne’s World 2. Mike Meyers was able to revive this joke using Fred Savage, allowing it to still be funny!


Word Play
The biggest recycled joke from the Austin Powers films was the word play at the end of each film. In Goldmember,before a character can say what the falling satellite looks like, the scene jumps to somebody else finishing the sentence. Sure its recycled, but it was a boob joke. Boob jokes are always funny!


Seth Green
The film ends with Seth Green as Scott Evil. He has taken over Dr. Evil’s criminal empire and declares, to “get” Austin Powers. He proceeds to dance as the credits role. Seth was always great as Dr. Evil’s neglected son. In Goldmember however, he was finally allowed to show his comedic abilities.


Dr. Evil
I think we can all agree that the Dr. Evil scenes were much more enjoyable than the scenes with Austin Powers. Mike Meyers was far more entertaing as the crazy criminal mastermind. The inclusion of Mini-Me gave us some of the most memorable moments.

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