The Good Parts: Batman and Robin

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So for a few weeks now, I have been searching for something good about Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Every film has something that you can say “That was cool!” However, I was over my head with this film. It was almost impossible to find something good about this train wreck. After reviewing the film I finally was able to come up with a few.  Here is my result of re-watching Batman and Robin, trying to find the Good Parts:

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Batwing
The Batwing Returns
Batman and Robin really has no resemblance to the original Tim Burton Batman with a few exceptions. The film opens up with Batman and Robin attempting to stop Mr. Freeze from a robbery attempt. Before they leave we get a montage of all of Bat Equipment and Bat Nipples. They also reveal the Bat vehicles including the new Bat Wing which Batman rebuilds.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Mr. Freeze's Wife

Mr. Freeze’s Wife
Nora Fries (pronounced Freeze) is kept cryogenically frozen throughout the movie while Mr. Freeze attempts to find a cure for the fictional disease MacGregor’s Syndrome. The inclusion of her, along with the look of the cryogenic chamber, was a good inclusion from Batman: The Animated Series. The animated series always made you feel bad for Victor. Unfortunately, Arnold’s acting ability never provided that same feeling.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin  Arkham Asylum

The Design of Arkham Asylum
Most of the look and feel of the movie was a reminder of the Adam West Batman series. Every once in a while though we get glimpses of Tim Burton’s influence. The design of Arkham Asylum still retained the gothic design that reminds you how great the first film was.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Property Locker

The Property Locker
The property locker is a good example of how Batman and Robin resembled the 60’s Batman series. The room is even labeled “Criminal Property Locker!” It’s a brief scene with a nice continuity to see the Riddler and Two Face costumes from Batman Forever.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Hairstyle

Poison Ivy’s Hairstyle
Joel Schumacher’s attempt to create a hairstyle similar to the Princess Leia’s hair bun look. Utterly failed, but something was kinda of sexy about Uma’s look.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Ass Shot

The Ass Shot
Alicia Silverstone gives us a great ass shot as she puts on the Bat-Girl costume.

The Good Parts - Batman and Robin Tit Shot

The Tit Shot
Alicia then slowly turns after showing us her ass putting her boobs right into frame. The one Bat Suit that should have nipples doesn’t.


The Credits
Seeing the end credits appear I realized how grateful that the film was over. I have seen numerous bad superhero films, but this is easily the worst piece of garbage.

… on the Batman DVD set Joel Schumacher apologized to the fans that were disappointed with Batman and Robin since it wasn’t as good as Batman Forever! I hat to break it to Joel, but her really fucked that film up too! Apology not accepted.

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