The Good Parts: Santa Claus The Movie

After the success of the Superman films Alexander Salkind and his son, Ilya decided to retell another origin story, Santa Claus! The film explored and answered the many mysteries of Santa Claus including how Santa came to be, how the reindeer fly, and how the elves make toys. The film was not very successful at the box office or by critics. As a kid I loved the film. As an adult I can see why adults didn’t respond to the film however, there were a few good parts:

The Origin of Santa Claus
We have seen numerous origins of Santa Claus over the years. Every film has its own take. Santa Claus the Movie keeps it simple. Claus and his wife Anya gets lost in a snow storm up north. They are rescued by the elves who believe that Claus is the chosen one. The one to deliver their toys all around the world. “With great powers comes great responsibility!”

David Huddleston as Santa
David not only looked the part, but you actually believed he was Santa. Even though the film bombed, I still clearly remember David’s performance. His laugh was perfect as well as his physique. He seemed sincere. He cared for the kids. Even Joe! An awesome choice for St. Nick.

John Lithgow as B.Z.
As perfect as David was as Santa, John Lithgow’s over the top character B.Z. was even better. It made perfect sense that Santa’s enemy would be a corrupt toy builder. His dreams of starting Christmas 2 was a concept that I bet has been thought of before. John portrayed B.Z. as a crazed, money hungry business man. The performance was very exaggerated, but fits in well with the film.

Flying Sleigh Effects
After making Superman fly the Salkinds were able to make Santa’s sleigh fly. Compared to today the effects are not that great. Back in 1985 they were amazing. In truth with the exception of the “super dooper looper” watching Santa fly around the city still holds up.

People Know Santa Exists
One of the things that bug me about Christmas movies is when people don’t believe that Santa exists, yet he always delivers presents. Where do these people thing the presents come from? Santa Claus is the exception. People believe he exist and don’t really question somebody who mentions him.

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