The Green Lantern Trailer

The Green Lantern trailer is here, and boy am I disappointed. Ryan Reynolds never really acts. He just always plays Ryan Reynolds. The effects look great, but I’m really not holding my breathe that this is any good.

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  • Anonymous

    Again, the biggest problem with the Hal Jordon origin story is this:
    Abin Sur CRASHES his “SPACESHIP” and his ring locates/chooses Hal.

    Only problem – WHY is Sur in a “SPACESHIP”?!? Has anyone EVER seen ANY OTHER Green Lantern in a #$%*ing SPACESHIP?!?

    Even in this trailer- Hall is streaking through space through the power of HIS RING!

    Just sayin’!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree. I don’t know much about Green Lantern, but I do know that they don’t need a freaking spaceship. This just looks like it will be awful.