The Neighbourhood, Live in Baltimore


The Neighbourhood, the band behind Sweater Weather played Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore last night. While they’re still earning their chops being on the road, they put on a killer show, and had the (young female) crowd singing along to every song. They kicked off with Silver and closed with Afraid. Here’s an interesting challenge: They asked for only black & white photography, so here we go.


I shot The Neighbourhood once before, this summer as they opened for the Imagine Dragons show. They put on a great set, but their stage setting was a bit lack-luster. That’s to be expected, being the opener, so I had high hopes now that they’re headlining. But, they’re sticking to the understated, and keeping it simple. Truth be told, the b&w photo restriction isn’t that far of a stretch, as they don’t really do color lasers or anything.


One of the things I love about young bands that only have one album out, you know all their songs. Here’s the playlist. The played straight through, without doing an encore.

  1. Silver
  2. Female Robbery
  3. Uh-Oh
  4. Let it Go
  5. Jealousy
  6. WDYWFM?
  7. Baby Came Home
  8. Wires
  9. A Little Death
  10. Lurk
  11. How
  12. Sweater Weather
  13. Afraid

Swing by to see their upcoming schedule and buy tickets.

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