The Next Waves of Boglins: Dark Lords, Aliens, and Wort and Topor

After the success of the Boglins Kickstarter Campaign the folks at TriAction Toys kept the ball rolling and released additional Boglin waves, focused on the initial sculpts, with new colors and features. Click below to see more on the Boglins I managed to capture.
The month after the three Kickstarter Boglins (Kings Drool, Dwork, and Vlobb) hit backer’s mailboxes, the Red Eye Kings were released, then followed by the Golden Horn Kings. These exclusive Boglins were available at places like Wal*Mart, Gamestop and But then the Dark Lords arrived. These were all new releases based on the 80s Halloween Boglins. More than thirty years ago Drool was repainted to look like a skeleton and named Bog O Bones, and Vlobb was painted orange to look like Jack-O-Lantern named Blobkin. Dwork didn’t originally get a Halloween disguise, until now! Dwork finally got his due as the Crazy Clown. The other big upgrade over the original 80s counterparts is that now the rubber they were cast in also glowed! I got Bog O Bones and Blobkin (pictured above). These are fantastically spooky.
When I was introduced to Boglins in 5th grade, my very first one was Shlump, but I couldn’t afford any of the large Boglins. But by the time the next Halloween came around I was able to save up and bought Bog O Bones. With a little bit more disposable income these days, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on, er, in this new Bog O Bones. Here is the new with my original, side by side. The paint job is similar enough to clearly reference it’s progeny, but different enough to not saturate the vintage market.
After the Dark Lords were getting settled, the Alien Boglins, Drizoul, Dwizork, and Vizlobb, began their descent to Earth. Just like the Dark Lords, these Boglins were cast in a rubber that also glows in the dark. To get this photo, I super charged their skin with a UV lamp, and then took a 2 second exposure in complete darkness. This is pretty cool! I love the fun new colors and alien vibe. The pink Drizoul actually glows almost all white.
I also loooove the spaceship inspired packaging for these Aliens. While all of the other Boglin boxes resemble the wooden crates with twisted bar gates, these Alien Boglin boxes look like they’re ready for space. While the boxes do feature the hand-hole to operate your Boglin while still in its box, they have a clear window pane that slides up in lieu of the bar grates. Instead of straw bedding on the interior, there are hundreds of switches and readouts like the interior of the Apollo era LEM. They’re the same size as the other crates, but I really dig the inspired change in packaging appearance for these specific Boglins.
I got inspired to create a full on spaceship backdrop in my studio to shoot these Boglins in the appropriate environment. I got to include some of my genuine space artifacts. There is a soup can sized canister that is space flown from an space shuttle tail flap. I also got to include my replica Neil Armstrong moon glove and Apollo 11 Barbolite penlight. This was a ton of fun and I’d love to start another career in set decorating.
I then took Dwizork to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. This museum is currently under heavy renovation and not much is currently on display. BUT Neil Armstrong’s suit has been recently restored and is still on display, so I tried to set up this scene as if the astronauts discovered Boglins on the surface of the moon. Hey Neil, look what I found!
Just as I was figuring out how to display my Alien Boglins, Wort and Topor arrived! I took Wort out for a photoshoot in the woods near my home. I liked how the blue contrasts the yellows and tans this time of year. Wort and Topor both have wooden box style crate packaging.
The first time I saw Topor, he reminded me of an ogre or troll, so I wanted to do something different with his portrait. I was thinking of a castle dungeon or mossy cottage deep in the woods. I put together some Halloween supplies and got this long exposure. I wanted to show off his glow in the dark eyes, so I made the scene relatively dark.
In between waiting on new waves of Boglins, I’m keeping an eye out for 80s vintage Boglins. This is my Bog O Bones from 5th grade, but the first Boglin I ever got was Shlump, but sadly I sold him before going off to college. I recently picked him up at a toy store, with his original packaging!
There’s a lot more Boglins coming out in 2022, including Woodland and Batwing Boglins. Keep an eye on and the official Boglins Facebook page for more news and updates. I’ve got a nice gallery below for you to peruse.
TriAction Toys provided some Boglins for me to take photos. I was an original backer of the Kickstarter campaign.

New Boglins

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