The VVitch Playset by Playnnobil

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I recently saw the 2016 horror movie, The Witch, written and directed by Sundance Best Director winner Robert Eggers. It’s a horror movie based on tales from the 1600s. Think of it as, if they had horror movies in the 1600s, this would be one that the settlers would go see. It’s beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, and the imagery will haunt you for weeks. Here I am setting up little playmobil figures to recreate scenes from the movie, and I even colored my goat all black. I mean, I have to have a Black Philip action figure. He told me I did.

I’ve got a whole bunch of photos to show you. Check it out.

Here is the trailer, most of the playnnobil scenes reference that, but some are from the movie. I have determined that they’re not really all that spoilery. I tried to keep the fun and suspense.

The VVitch playset by Playnnobil

Here is the whole playset! (Creepy forest sold separately) We’ve got the homestead, the shed, and the whole family! William can spend his days chopping wood, Katherine come with a knife (and her silver cup). We have the stunning Thomasin (keep an eye on Anya Taylor-Joy she will be a superstar) as she ventures into the woods. There’s Caleb with the rifle and gunpowder (and special forest friend), and those two rotten twins Mercy and Jonas. They come with a stick to torment Black Philip. And finally Samuel, but he gets lost pretty easily.

Black Philip

The power of The Witch is the imagery and terror will haunt you long after the movie is finished. I enjoyed the movie, but I’m having a hard time recommending it. I think most casual movie-going people will feel disappointed. Which is a shame. This is an artfully made film. But the ending didn’t leave me ultimately satisfied, and I think horror-movie audiences won’t like it. But like a plague, it never leaves. I’m constantly hearing the Black Philip song in my head. The terror and tension. It sticks.

Caleb and William stalk a rabbit

Here’s a scene from William and Caleb’s hunting trip. They’ve spotted a rabbit!


I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you that the twins are a pair of rotten assholes. They should leave Black Philip alone. If you’ve seen the Black Philip promo where they’re singing his song, I found the lyrics.

Think on your sins.

I loved the cinematography (another film this year utilizing mostly natural light) however the acting was amazing, especially by the children. The twins were believably a pair of bastards. Caleb was very convincing as a tortured adolescent, but holy cow*, Anya Taylor-Joy, playing protagonist Thomasin, was the real stand-out. I was brought in by her performance, and have yet to be let go. Her anger, terror, and innocence were all very natural. I see interview video and editorial style photographs of Anya and can’t believe she’s the same person. That’s a superstar.
*better than unholy goat

Thomasin approaches the wood

Be sure to check out the rest of pics below, it’s pretty much spoiler free and all in good fun. And stay tuned! Update: Here is the spoof video, enjoy!

The VVitch

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