Toy Fair ’09 Exclusive Swag


One of the benefits of attending Toy Fair are the exclusive toys the press are given. Each year we look forward to what swag the toy companies have for us. This year with the economy in the shit, we were curious if there would be any Toy Fair Exclusives. We were  pleasantly surprised:


Hasbro Transformers Flash Drive Press Kit
Last year we began to notice a trend from providing a CD of official images to flash / thumb drive. This year, Hasbro provided all of the collector media with a  1 gig flash drive made into the shape of a Decepticon logo.  The bottom portion pulls apart to reveal the USB plug. The drive was encased into this really cool box with the Transformers logo.


Hasbro G.I. Joe Flash Drive Press Kit
If you thought the Transformers flash drive was cool then check out the G.I. Joe Dog Tag Flash Drive! This was a really smart idea to make a flash drive look like Army dog tags to promote the G.I. Joe film. To reveal the USB plug you pull off the end.


Diamond Select Toys: “Unification” Spock Minimate
Every year Diamond gives out an exclusive Minimate. In the past we have received X-Files, Die Hard, and DC Universe Minimates. This year they gave us a Star Trek “Unification” Spock from the Next Generation episode.


Mezco Friday the 13th Glow in the Dark Mask Jason
This year Mezco is celebrating the release of the new Friday the 13th film by giving away an exclusive 3 3/4″  Glow in the Dark Jason figure. This version of Jason is limited to only 1,000 pieces.


LEGO Chrome Darth Vader Minifigure
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Star Wars LEGO lines, LEGO handed out this exclusive “Chrome” Darth Vader. The figures are limited to 100 pieces making this very rare. Before Toy Fair LEGO sent out Darth Vader badges for the annual collector press event. These badges fit into the plastic case as a backdrop for the minifigure.

This year was a pretty good year for exclusives. I’m sure if you look on eBay you will somebody selling these items. These are extremely rare, and exclusive. If you can get your hands on them you have something of real value!

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