Toy Fair ’09 – Hasbro

Our first appointment was with Hasbro. We got a look at the new Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars, and GI-JOE. You can view all of the images in our Toy Fair Gallery.

First up was the GI-JOE line. We weren’t shown any new footage from the film, but we did get to see some of the new figures of the first two waves. No Cobra Commander or Destro to be seen. It’s obvious this is the big reveal. The big vehiclel was the PIT, a mobile command unit. The classic line has a couple of 7 packs that include Dr. Mindbender, Zap, and Battle Damaged BAT. I asked about the possibility of a GI-JOE base¬† or even the remote possibility of a U.S.S Flagg. Nothing in the works, but they have discussed how to pull these off.

The big news with Transformers of course is the new movie “Revenge of the Fallen.” We got to see Devastator that is very impressive. Activision was also in the showroom with a glimpse of the new Transformers Revenge of the Fallen video game. I’m not big on video games based on a film, but this looked impressive. The multi-player aspect of the game allows people to play one-on-one.

The new Marvel Legends in 3 3/4″ format look really good. So does the Wolverine Origins movie figures. Iron Man continues with new versions of the Iron Man suit.

Star Wars
No real big announcement for Star Wars this year. With no new film they are primarily focused on the Clone Wars Cartoon line. They are continuing with the Droid Factory line with a focus on Empire Strikes Back and the 10th anniversary of Episode I.  The Big vehicle this year is the Turbo Tank

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