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I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to get to the 7:00 collector preview this morning. We saw some really amazing new sets coming out this year.

Indiana Jones
Hasbro may have killed the Indiana Jones line, but the LEGO line is going strong. The mine car chase is the newest set. The pictures don’t do this set justice. It’s huge. From the looks of it the set includes Indy, Short Round, Willie, Thugee guards, and Mola Ram! LEGO is also releasing sets based on the airplane battle and boat chase from Holy Grail.

Star Wars
This year LEGO is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars license! They have a nice collection of new sets based on the original trilogy.  The big surprise was the Endor Bunker from Return of the Jedi. They also are releasing a new Hoth set with Han on a TanTan! My holy grail for this year though is the Death Star attack briefing from Return of the Jedi. Why is it my holy grail? New Lando mini-fig!

LEGO Non-Movie Properties
LEGO has a number of new lines including this new ship from their Space Police line. These remind me a bit of the 80’s space themes. The other new line Agents 2.0 is also very promising.

My sad news to report that there are no plans on producing any new Harry Potter sets. With the films getting darker, it has become very hard to produce kid-friendly sets.

View the Toy Fair ’09 LEGO Gallery

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