Toy Fair 2011 Top Picks

We’re still going through and uploading, organizing and labeling photos from Toy Fair, while I do that, let me tell you some of the things we saw that we’re most excited for (or most freaked us out.) Click below to get a glimpse inside what’s coming to stores in 2011.

I’ve been a big fan of NECA for years, and now I’m all excited at their new Gremlins and Gremlins 2 figures. They’ve had some really finely detailed figures in the past, such as Gizmo, Stripe, the poker player and the Brain Gremlin. Now they’re going to release the evil mogwai from Gremlins 2, Rambo Gizmo, and even the Spider Mohawk in a deluxe set.
Click here to see our NECA gallery. (And stay tuned for additional images and info)

I have a son who’s getting old enough that we can share a lot of interests. He likes Hot Wheels, and I like filming Hot Wheels, so I’m pretty psyched for the Hot Wheels car with a video camera in the hood! Break out all your old track and make an awesome set up, then run this new car through the layout, then download the first-person-view video to the computer and share. Did I mention that it has a holster so you can strap it to your helmet and shoot some sweet helmet-cam footage? I need this. I must have it.
I must also have the new 12″ Gene Hackman Lex Luthor. I got Zod in the Whitehouse, perhaps I can get Lex in there too? I also want to get that Jim Gordon (seen at the top of the article)
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Speaking of sweet footage, you know my favorite line to collect is playmobil. Their big theme this year is the Top Agents. A Bond-inspired line of spies and heroes with gadgets galore. The RC truck has a camera on it, and a monitor that fits onto the remote control, so you can see where you’re driving! I also like the secret mountain base, and the android lab. They also have a series of stickers that react to a small blacklight so you can detect who the baddies are. This is going to be an awesome year.
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I’m also really excited about the new Hexbugs we saw this year. There are now glow-in-the-dark Nanos complete with glow in the dark habitat pieces, and our prayers have been answered and you’ll soon be able to purchase just the spiral pieces, as many times as you wish. The all new Spider and Pupae looked awesome, and there’s so much Nano awesomeness coming out, you won’t know what to do. All I can recommend is coming back to to keep up with it all.
Click here to see our Hexbug gallery.
Speaking of bugs, from the gallery of the weird, I’m really curious about the Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution. Over the last few years, Uncle Milton, the original creator of the Ant Farm, came up with a clear green gel that ants can tunnel through instead of sand. It has all the nutrients in it, and they like tunneling in it. So they stuck a lamp underneath. When the ants cross in front of the magnifying glass, it’ll project their squirmy shadows on the ceiling. That sounds cool to a certain extent, but then horrifying. There has to be a specific age where it goes from too scary to really cool. 6-7 years old maybe?
You can see more pics from the Uncle Milton gallery here.


Years ago Hasbro introduced Darth Tator. It was awesome. A Mr. Potato Head dressed as Darth Vader. My imagination ran wild. I even created my own custom Mr. Potato Heads. Now PPW has licensed the Mr. Potato Head to make Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, and The Three Stooges. The Potato Heads now include more accessories, and are very well designed.

Check out all of the licensed Potato Heads in our PPW Gallery

We saw lots of cool stuff at the 2011 Toy Fair. This is the beginning. Stay tuned as we flesh out the picture galleries and add descriptions, release dates and price ranges (all subject to change) We’re also working on a couple of videos that will show you a lot of what we saw, in action. Keep your eyes on

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