Toy Fair 2014 – All things Back to the Future


Back to the Future has been a mainstay, if not just on the fringes, at Toy Fairs past, but this year it seemed to be creeping in everywhere. Above is Diamond Select’s Mr. Fusion 1:1 replica. Here are all the Back to the Future items I found at Toy Fair this year. Check it out.


I love this! Here is a tumbler from Biff’s Pleasure Paradise in Hell Valley. I love that it doesn’t say Back to the Future II on it, it’s as if you went to Biff’s and just picked it up there. They also have a matching shot glass. Look for these in May.


Now this looks interesting. This fall Diamond will be releasing a Back to the Future Monopoly game. This could be interesting. It would be awesome if they could include a feature that suddenly changed real estate values based on which 1985 you were in.


Mattel released their 1:64 Time Machine last year (was it two years ago now?) but had their Hot Wheels Elite 1:18 scale version (now with Mr. Fusion) on display this year. It will go for $160 in April. You may have best luck finding it online.


Before I get to the ones you’re waiting for, here is the Funko POP Marty McFly in a scaled Delorean. Marty has been available for awhile, but now you can preorder the Delorean (around $24.00) and it’s due to stores any day now. Your pre-existing Marty fits right inside.


Funko’s big hit was the ReAction line of Back to the Future figures on display. A year or so ago Funko introduced 1979 era Alien figures in retro packaging. They were 3 3/4″ scale and looked just as if the figures had really been approved and came out in the 70s. They were such a big hit, Funko started hitting other retro properties, like Back to the Future. On display they had Biff, Doc, Marty, and George. These are due out in June and will be around $10 a piece. They really look much better in their packaging. The gimmick behind this line is not their likeness, but their spirit. I asked if they had any issues with getting Crispin Glover’s sign off, but they may not have needed it. Check out the individual packaging shots below.


Those were the cool Back to the Future goodies I found at the 2014 Toy Fair.

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