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I love shooting all the statues at DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct). They really capture the essence of both the character, and the original artist on whom that look is based. Bruce Timm’s take on Batman is entirely different than Neal Addams’ zombie Batman. This is one of the few booths that consistently impresses, check out my photos below.


Here is the Batman Thrasher Armor based on artwork by Greg Capullo. He’s very articulated, and the texture on the sculpt makes it look a lot like hammered metal. Were you aware that DC designs everything 1:1 ? A lot of action figures you fell in love with were sculpted at twice the scale, to allow for more detail, and then shrunk down to the size you’re familiar with. Not DC, the talented sculptors pulled this off without being able to “zoom-in” for extra detail. Also check out the Mr. Freeze from this line.


The line of Infinite Crisis 6″ figures tip the scale more on the sculpt and overall aesthetics, and a little less on the articulation. Just like their World of Warcraft figures, while their movement is limited, the detail is um, infinite, sorry, but they look fantastic. Here is Atomic Green Lantern. Now check out Pajama Party Harley

Here’s the front of Harley. The designers had a little fun. Hit the next button to see the, ahem, rear view of Harley. Nice! I love little details, especially like this. They not only give the character more, uh, character, but it shows the artists were really invested in what they were making, not just cranking out figures.

I also marvelled (sorry) at the wonderful woman statues DC had to offer. First up Wonder Woman The Art of War statue based on artwork by Yanick Paquette. I love the balance of detail and texture. Form and execution. It’s streamlined yet detailed. Check out the other Wonder Women, they too have their own distinct looks, yet these all could be displayed together.


I’m not a huge Superman guy. I mean I dig the guy, and General Zod from Superman II is my favorite super villain portrayal ever, BUT this statue just looked so fantastic. I’m not sure if it’s the pose, or the sculpt, or the metallic paint, but this Man of Steel statue by Shane Davis is particularly striking.

Here’s that Zombie black and white Batman inspired by Neal Addams. The detail and pose are fantastic. Hover over the image and hit next, got a little surprise for you.

DC also had some other new treats, including some fantastic pool sticks and dart boards to upgrade you Man Bat Cave, as well as figures from the upcoming Son of Batman movie. Check out the gallery below for all my shots, and swing by for more information and specific release dates.

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