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Diamond Select has also been one of my absolute favorite visits from way back in the beginning. I love the variety of props, collectibles, Mini-Mates, and other action figures all in one spot. This year was a bit tricky as there was all this cool stuff! that I couldn’t photograph or talk about. But let me take you on a tour of the cool stuff I did get to see and shoot. Like this dead-on Caesar Romero as Joker bust. Fantastic!


Ever since their merger with Art Asylum, Diamond Select has been great about preserving the Mini-Mates line. I’m really excited to add new characters from Aliens, including asshole Burke, Gorman, and Colonial Marine. Still need a minimates scaled power-loader. The Playmobil scale power-loader may have to suffice. More coming this year!


Speaking of Mini-Mates, Godzilla Mini-Mates are coming! Now all you need is to print out some of my City BlocksTM and you’ll have a proper display.


Yes they had Sin City Mini-Mates, you can see those in the gallery below, but I really liked this Frank action figure. The black and white paint apps looked great! There’s a new Marv and Nancy as well. They and the minimates are due out before Sin City II in August!


I have a separate article about all the cool Back to the Future stuff I saw at Toy Fair, and this is one of them. I love branded merchandise that doesn’t have the movie title on it. This is a pint glass from Biff’s Pleasure Paradise in Hell Valley in BTTF II. They also had Jack Rabbit Slim’s from Pulp Fiction and Kadie’s Club Pecos from Sin City. I love sticking these in my cabinet, and random guests getting them and going “hey!”


DST wasn’t the only company making Pulp Fiction figures. Funko also has their ReAction Figures line coming out later this year. Personally, I prefer the art and skill in applying known human faces to a shared canvas, such as the Mini-mates. These look great, and there are multiple figures coming from this and Kill Bill, so make room on your shelf.


Walking Dead was everywhere this Toy Fair, but DST had the coolest stuff, from the Mini-mates to these busts. The detail and fun are high, plus with DST, they’ll give you the secondary characters and alternative versions of the popular figures.

DST did not disappoint, my only wish was that I would be able to show you all of the cool stuff I saw for 2014. Check out my gallery below.

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