Toy Fair 2014 – Funko

I visited the Funko booth today. I had to check out the ReAction figures from Back to the Future. If you’re not familiar with the Alien ReAction figure line, it presents 3 3/4″ scale action figures as if they were produced in the late 70s, and carded like the original Star Wars Kenner figures. They were a huge hit and Funko has responded with Back to the Future, Goonies, Pulp Fiction and Terminator. But that’s not all, they have tons of more designer vinyl inspired POP figures, as well as highly detailed Game of Thrones figures. Check it out below.

Here is the packaged shot of Marty. They also had Doc, George McFly and Biff. The ReAction line also brings us Firefly, Predator and Escape from New York. If I get these, I will most likely leave them on their cards, they’re just so gorgeous.

Not everything from Funko was tongue in cheek. The Game of Thrones figures are highly detailed and the likenesses are fantastic. These are about to hit stores very soon.

The POP line has taken off, seemingly out of nowhere. The line features tons of your favorite pop culture heroes from Ghostbusters to Masters of the Universe to Big Lebowski. There’s also some POP figures that come seated in their signature vehicle. Marty in the DeLorean, Batman in his Batmobile, and Tony Montana in his Cadillac. Check out the gallery below for more.

Funko originally found it’s success with delightful pop culture wobble heads, and they haven’t forgotten their legacy. This year sees these Walking Dead wobblers. Also look out for the Sons of Anarchy Wacky Wobblers.

I was really thrilled with the Goonies figures. Sloth looks great, and there are also pics of their POP figures in the gallery below. Baby RUTH.

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