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Hasbro is continuing their Star Wars Black line. Most impressive was the Jabba the Hutt, but I also spied the Biker Scout, ROTJ Luke, and Bespin Luke and Yoda. Check out my coverage including Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America Winter Soldier, we got Kreo, Constructobots and an all new Star Wars game… and more.


When you first get ushered into the Hasbro show room, it’s all Transformers, front and center. Particularly Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Grimlock was the man (dino) of the hour, and had several incarnations. The jury is still out on whether I’ll go see this movie when it comes out, but there are plenty of toys to choose from. Deluxe figures with motion and sound, “standard” versions, and the Constructobot and Kreo sizes as well. In each scale, Optimus can ride on the back.


Grimlock isn’t the only Dinobot on the shelf. These actually look pretty cool. I’m looking forward to the dino-constructo-bots, as dino pieces will look cool when popped onto our existing Constructobots.


Love or hate Kreo, you can’t help but get excited by this display. Is that Bumblebee riding on the back of a two headed pterodactyl? Huh. Anyway, there are many close-up pics in my gallery to peep a few of these scenes. Stuff like this actually gets me excited. I also have pics of the Kreo G.I.Joes and the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Kreo as well.

The Star Wars Black series was a huge surprise last year and the hits keep on coming. I love this Speeder Bike and Scout, you saw the Jabba above, and the ROTJ Luke is one of the best likenesses yet. There’s also a Vader unmasked and a Bespin Luke with a Yoda that can go on his back.


Hasbro is introducing a new immersive game titled Star Wars Command. Line up your ships and figures, and roll force balls at them and knock them down. I like how this game does not have numbers or clicky bases. The figures are designed to resemble the classic green army men, and the flagship force-motion controlled Star Destroyer is pretty awesome. Stay tuned for video of that in action.


There was a ton of buzz for Guardians of the Galaxy sure, but Captain America has full action figure support as well. There are several figures, and role play items. I like my Scarlet Jo.


So here we go, Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest team up adventure from Marvel to hit theaters. Chris Pratt (of Parks and Rec and now The LEGO Movie) stars as StarLord, but everyone is fawning over Bradley Cooper in fuzzy britches as Rocket Racoon. This figure did a lot of shaking and shooting, it was actually pretty fun. There’s video of this coming as well. There were action figures, large sound and motion figures like this, and role-play, including an animated Rocket mask for the kids.


With Guardians and Cap coming out later this year, there seemed to be diminished buzz for Spider-Man, at least when it comes to toys. It seemed there were more action toys for the kids (bikes and helicopters, driven by Spidey) and Cap and Guardians were more for the older kids. I dunno. But there were figures supporting the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man II with Electro.

Hasbro also had some cool stuff for the kids, and games the family can play together. I have coverage of those coming in a separate blog post, as well as the video I keep promising. Stay tuned for more!

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