Toy Fair 2014 – Mezco

Front and center at the Mezco booth was their Sons of Anarchy offering. They had highly detailed action figures with dead-on likenesses, plush, Mez-Itz, and accessories, like mini leather vests. Click below to check out their Breaking Bad and Living Dead Dolls offerings as well.

This Breaking Bad pink teddy bear is extremely show accurate. You can always take a lighter and add your own singe marks. I thought the plush looked great (who doesn’t need the Br and Ba throw pillows?), and the detailed figures are dead-on. Do you need to call Saul? There is a Saul bobblehead just for your. I know a guy.

Earlier today Mezco received the Guinness World Record for the longest running horror-themed doll series! Of all the horror-themed offerings today, I loved Mother from Psycho. What happens if you put this in your kids’ room?

It’s a testament to the artists at Mezco how amazing the ’66 Batman look, even when applied to a common canvas like the Mez-Itz. I love this Cesar Romero as Joker, but the expression Adam West as Batman is spot-on, old chum, as well. There’s a scale Batmobile coming as well! Check it out below.

Axe Cop! Ok, I’m not very familiar with this property, but it’s very popular. These figures look great. I’ve loved their Family Guy and South Park sets. Mezco is an expert at translating the flat animation into beautiful 3D pieces.

Just one last Seene 3D view of Jesse. I thought you’d like it, bitch!

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