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We love the quality and accuracy of likeness that NECA consistently puts out year after year. And surprisingly, I was really excited about a larger percentage of the things they have to offer (I never really go into Harry Potter or Nightmare on Elm Street figures) This year there was an overwhelming number of figures where I thought I gotta get that.. And, above, is some of the only Portal property I saw anywhere at Toy Fair. Anyway, check out some really cool figures below including Alien, the new Planet of the Apes, Pacific Rim, and more.

NECA has always been putting out amazing Alien based figures. Everything from the Xenomorph in it’s various incarnations to the Colonial Marines. This year we get Dallas in his Nostromo space suit, as well as this iconic Kane with the facehugger burrowing through his face shield. The level of detail is phenomenal, all the while keeping the articulation intact so you can pose them in various positions. The Power Loader is top notch. No word on if we’ll get a Ripley to put in there, but keep the hope alive, their Bishop looks dead-on.

I was pleasantly surprised with Rise of the Planet of the Apes a few years ago, and I’m interested to delve back into the mythology with the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes coming out later this year. Here we can see war-paint Caesar, another ape, and an orangutan. The detail of the hair is just perfect, and seeing them up close got me all giddy about the movie. There’s also a Dr. Zaius and Cornelius from the original 68 movie to whet your whistle.

Did you see Pacific Rim? It was great eye candy, and a bit of a departure from the glut of blockbusters these days, I found it pretty fun. You may have seen some PR figures in stores, but nothing can prepare you for the 18″ version of the Knifehead in person. Wow. He’s due to hit shelves in May.

And here is a 3D version of the Portal 2 figures. They look amazing, and are highly articulated.

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