Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular

Walking with Dinosaurs, the BBC documentary series, took the world by storm a few years ago.  The CGI dinosaurs mixed with actual history and science became the new gold standard for dinosaurs.


Now the “Walking” franchise has extended to a touring arena show.  The show featuring finely detailed dinos in a mix of animatronics and people in suits are playing mid sized arenas around the world.

dinos002I caught the show at the Pensacola Civic Center on Tuesday September 29, 2009.  There was a good sized crowd, mostly families with kids.


The show is narrated by a “paleontologist” who narrates the show witha delivery that is a healty mix of Jeff Probst and William Shatner.  I’m sure the kids love him but adults may find their eyes starting to roll.  Of course the dinosaurs are the real stars and for the most part they look really good.  The little platforms they ride on don’t help the illusion, but the bigger dinos are really impressive.  This is actually one show where upper bowl seats are a plus.


This is certainly an all ages show.  Some of the dinosaurs are a bit scary and there are some loud noises and dark bits, but the dinosaurs really never fight, they chase each other and there are some close calls but no actual violence.  The show is fairly long but there are intermissions to allow for bathrooming and visits to the well stocked merch booths.





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