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Tyler is providing a copy of Road Trip for Ralphie for a lucky reader. To win a copy of the DVD, all you have to do is leave a comment on your favorite memory, scene, or why you love A Christmas Story. Our favorite comment will win a copy.

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  • We watched A Christmas Story as kids…repeatedly, like all day marathons on TNT. I was surprised and delighted when my little brother was waiting to get in the car one winter morning and licked the frost on the window. His tongue stuck ! Bwahahaha!
    Mom ripped it off for him. I couldn’t believe he had learned NOTHING from A Christmas Story!

  • Jerry

    My favorite moment was and will always be when they open Christmas presents. I love how the Ralph and Randy tear into the gifts. You also get such great moments as the old man opening the bowling ball, the can of Simonize, and offering Ralph wine. I love it

  • Back in the late ’60s, my parents divorced. Mom had to work of course and being the newest in the department (microbiology lab in a hospital) she had to work Christmas Eve. She got home from work, tired and still had Christmast presents to wrap that night for me and my two younger sisters. Not wanting to take the time to make dinner, we went out searching for a place to eat. You guessed it! The only place open on Christmas Eve in the 60’s was a Chinese restaurant. Ever since then, it’s been a tradition to have Chinese take-out on Christmas Eve.

    Still, having had my mouth washed out with soap for saying the ‘Queen Mother of all swear words”, I love the look on Ralphie’s face as he says . . . well you know.

  • I have many favorite moments, but I think that Ralphie’s fantasy wherein he is struck blind by soap poisoning ranks pretty high. What kid hasn’t had this fantasy? And THEN they’d be sorry… Of course, now that I’m a parent, my favorite line is, “My mother had not had a hot meal for herself in 15 years.” I quote it often. My wife did not like this movie when I met her. So she said. I let her know that it was not Christmas without it. So I made her watch it from beginning to end. She is now a huge fan. My 3-year-old daughter Wren now watches it daily. Her favorite scenes are when Scott Farkas & his crony terrorize the other kids. She also likes it when Ralphie beats him up. We have the special edition of the DVD and have watched every last minute of the bonus footage.

  • Summer

    I love how it’s unavoidably awesome. When I was a kid, my mom watched the movie over and over starting in November. I used to get so tired of it. Now, as a mom myself, I do the same thing! Ah, the great circle of things;)

  • Jack

    How can you pick just one favorite moment?

    I loved that Ralph got kicked down the chute after being told by Santa he’d shoot his eye out.

    I loved the present-opening scene (oh boy, a zeppelin). I loved that the dad got a bowling ball wrapped like a bowling ball dropped in his lap and his wife was oblivious to it.

    I loved the Keystone Kapers-style (I think that’s it) bandit removal, especially the X’s on the eyes.

    And how funny are the neighbor’s dogs running roughshod over everything — and eating the Christmas turkey!

    I loved the bully getting beaten up (unresolved junior high issues).

    The Pink Bunny outfit was amazing, and I loved that the mom was clueless that this was somehow embarrassing to the wearer (at least the dad tried to run interference).

    Shooting his eye out was pretty funny; would this be ironic?.

    And I almost forget The Triple-Dog Dare!

    But I think my absolute favorite part of the entire classic movie is the duck head chopping on the table (in front of the family, no less) and the Chinese waiters trying to sing Christmas carols. It’s like the best of Monty Python, Americanized for your viewing pleasure.

  • Cole

    What I love about the movie is it beautifully depicts a wonderful time period in America – a simpler time that really reflects America without a slavish dedication to recreating the time. So many movies attempt to be pitch perfect on products and miss the spirit of the time, but ACS gets it dead on in the spirit of the time – not the minutiae of the products. Its an archetype – everyone’s said the bad word, everyone’s wanted a rifle, everyone had a bully they hated. Growing up in the 80’s, this movie spoke to me just as clearly as if I’d grown up in Ralphie’s time.

    In fact my favorite thing about the movie is that the folks that bought the movie house recognized that it is a piece of pure America – timeless and wonderful. I’m glad they are acquiring and keeping parts of America around, not just objects from a movie.

  • This movie has now become a tradition in our family. We must watch it a million times each Christmas season. Fav part, HO HO HO! When Santa boots Ralphie down the slide LOLlatz

  • I first watched A Christmas Story with my sister and her friends back in the eighties on VHS. We all loved it and repeated many of the lines on a regular basis.

    Later, we got the DVD, and we wait until at least the first week of December before watching it. It’s like looking at a piece of cake and waiting until we’re allowed to eat it.

    The house reminds me of a place I lived when I was eight years old. The house is gone now, but it lives on in my memories. In that house, my dad woke us at midnight (we’re French Canadian) to open our presents, and I remember running down the stairs to see a tree exactly like the one in the movie. I didn’t get a bunny outfit, though!

  • I went to see “A Christmas Story” with my folks (Jean Shephard fans) when it first came out. So did my husband, completely separately of course. It became a “thing” to each of us. Then we met. And it became a holiday “thing” as a couple. Then we had our boys, and it became a holiday “thing” as a family. I admit I’m semi-obsessed with the film and shrieked with delight when I found a chrome bowling ball decanter at a thrift store, because it would look perfect atop our matching upright radio. I admit to once buying my husband a vintage can of Simoniz for Christmas. But Santa bringing my older (now 13-yr-old) son a real Red Ryder BB gun on the last Christmas that he still “believed” is what I’ll still remember when I celebrate my last Christmas on earth. Yes, Santa did hide it behind the desk. And no, he didn’t shoot his eye out. ~~
    Suzanne Stanley, Lansdale PA

  • Jennifer

    I have watched A Christmas Story every year since I was a little girl. I always remember what it was like to be a child and how wonderful and fun it was. I used to re enact scenes from the movie. (having soap in my mouth…on purpose! Drinking ovaltine just because it was in the movie, etc) I quote the movie a ton and when people don’t know what I am talking about I feel the need to educate them.

    A Christmas Story is a must have.