REMINDER – Friday Giveaway! An original GI Joe production cel!

original cel

Love it or hate it, embrace it or fear it, GI Joe: Rise of COBRA is hitting theaters. To help restore your faith in the original cartoon, we’re partnering with our friends at to give away an original production Animation cel from the GI Joe cartoon. This isn’t a sericell or reproduction, this was actually part of your childhood, for one 24ths of a second. This is the cel you are attempting to win!

To enter is easy. Simply add a comment to any existing blog article on We have tons of San Diego Comic Con posts popping up, and podcasts and reviews all the time.

In one week (July 31) we will randomly draw a commentor to win the cel. The more comments you post, the better chances you have at being chosen!

See more GI Joe Animation Cels here.
And check out some of the animation cels on sale now at

Good luck!

Here is How to Enter:

  1. Starting now you must begin posting comments on our articles. (it must be more than just cool or awesome)
  2. We will randomly pick the best comment on any articles each week.
  3. Keep in mind its quality not quantity.
  4. The best comment of the week will win the set!

You can also start buying the Cel’s now. As an added BONUS. Tell Hollywood Heroes that you heard about the cels on and get an additional 10% off your entire order!
 Wetsuit and Dr. Simms from “Message from the Deep
 Major Blood as a Beefeater with original handpainted background from “The Chunnel”
 Flint and Heavy Duty FIVE CEL Mockup from “Message from the Deep”
 Flint Underwater with Background from “Message from the Deep
 Major Blood, Baroness, Cobra Commander and Queen Elizabeth from “The Chunnel”
We coupled together some incredible production cels with their original storyboards and prelimary sketches to make incredible presentations that are sure to impress any collector!
 Duke with original hand drawn storyboard
 Wetsuit with original hand drawn storyboard sketch

Check out the entire collection here:
 Major Blood as a Beefeater with original handpainted background
We’re on Ebay as well”


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