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Born: 1980
Job: Student of Media Arts and Animation, Junior Product Developer at Play Along Toys
Internship that got you through the door: Priceless
Influences: Hunter S. Thompson, Peter Chung, Michael Lau, Eric So, Hugo, Herge, Yoshitaka Amano, Evan Dorkin, Randy Gossman, Nietzche, Jung, The Who, Evan Bukovic, Ze char char, Tristan Farnon,
Declarations: Dragon Ball Z sucks
Profanities: Often
Handsome: You bet
Humble: The MOST humblest
Warning: If you put rolls in front of him he will ruin his dinner

R Hunter hits SDCC and Wizard World Chicago. He starts detailing his haul of Con Exclusives

Read R Hunter's Staff Picks of the Week


R Hunter works with Play Along Toys and thus provided:

  • Exclusive pics of Play Along Toys' Gollum from Lord of the Rings. (5.06.04)
  • Exclusive Helms Deep playset pictures
  • The advertising photo for's exclusive Weathertop action figure set.
  • A how-to guide on how he made the backdrop for the above photo.

Check out R Hunter's toy reviews:

  • Two gems from Joy Ride Studios. Halo's Master Chief and the Mechwarrior Legionnaire
  • Teaming up with Lando, R Hunter shoots the pics for this review of Art Asylum's Classic Star Trek figures
  • The inexplicable photo story showing Batman & Marv
  • Capt. Decker from the Major Powers line.
  • R Hunter and Mr. Stinkhead look at the new collectible Tech Deck figures. They're pretty twisted and now feature articulation.
  • Tech Deck comic featuring a competition that will determine the fate of millions.
  • STICK FORCE photo-story with Stikfas™ brand figures.
  • Mattel's GUTS
  • How to use Playmobil's new vikings to make Eaters of the Dead
  • The Mini-Figure craze.
  • Fighting crime in a future time with C.O.P.S.

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