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Born: In 1977, A New Hope was born

Job: Intellectual Property Defender/Slave

Likes: Concerts and obscure music, living vicariously through others, movies with Bill Murray (minus the Razor's Edge), the toys my parents never made me throw away, The 1995 Maryland Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and Chapelle's glorious take on our culture.

Dislikes: VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown, five album deals, the movie bastardization of legendary comic books like Daredevil & The Punisher, commercials in movie theaters, band encores (they're built into the contracts, folks!) and lawyers.

Dirty Secret: I'm a guy, saw Dirty Dancing in the theater and enjoyed it.

Beloved Musical Acts: Rush, Built To Spill, Veruca Salt, Mink Lungs, Boston, Guided by Voices, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Black Eyed Peas, Boyz N' The Hood-era Gangsta rap.

Hated musical Acts: Anything associated with American Idol, Rap-Metal sensations like Limp Bizkit, everything the "cool kids" liked in high school like Dave Mathews Band, Buffet and Pink Floyd.

Quote of the moment: "I'm the Best Seventeen Year Old Ever The Wrens

Articles by Skip Protection

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  • Do you have a favorite band Skip has to check out? Drop him an e-mail and let him know about them.

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