Print this out and use it when wiring your phone

  • Disconnect the existing factory bell/ringer from your phone so that it no longer works.

  • First, connect wires to the positive and negative leads on the piezo buzzer. You can use ordinary speaker wire to do this. Wrap the wire around the post in the direction opposite of which way the screw turns, so that it does not fray the wire when you tighten it.

  • Connect the positive lead from the piezo buzzer to the positive lead from the LED array. Next, connect the negative leads from the piezo buzzer and the LED array together. This wires them in PARALLEL, meaning that electricity flows through them at the same time, thus causing them to activate simultaneously.

  • Next, connect one lead from the 100K resistor to the positive leads of the buzzer / LEDs.

  • Plug the other lead of the 100K resistor to into the RED wire that comes into phone from the wall jack. This is the "ring" line.

  • Finally, connect the negative lead from the light array / buzzer to the connector on the opposite side of the green ("tip") incoming line from the "ring" wire.

  • What you will have done is wired your PARALLEL LED & buzzer circuit in SERIES with the resistor across the incoming "ring" line and the avoiding the "tip" line. If all is well and voltage is OK, this circuit SHOULD light up whenever the phone rings. By avoiding the "tip" line, you prevent the lights from activating when you pick up the receiver, yet still get them to light when the phone rings.
  • WARNING: A lot of offices and modern buildings use digital phone lines. The voltage from this will harm your phone and lights, so if you need to plug this in to a digital line, be sure to get digital to analog adapter.